About Us

Welcome to Susie Coleman.com

As a girl, I had a great interest in art. I loved working with my hands creating things, particularly clay sculpture and drawing. I also loved music and played my mother’s guitar for hours on end. When I graduated from high school in 1969, everyone expected me to become a commercial artist. However, somebody shook a microphone my direction and I responded by becoming a musician and running off to Nashville instead. I mostly made my living singing for 15 years.

Eventually life came full circle. I swapped careers in the mid-80’s and a computer became my drawing board. Today I take great pleasure in developing websites, CD packaging and other design projects. And I have a different kind of experience to bring to the table — especially to those in the music industry who need a creative online presence that visually captures their unique style and personality. I fully understand the specifics that relate to their projects, objectives and budgets. But I have happy clients from other industries as well who appreciate a good eye for detail and balance.

Though I no longer rely on performing for my bread and butter, you can still find me playing music on a regular basis. These days I’m passing on what I’ve learned by giving beginner guitar and folksinging lessons at my home in Pegram, Tennessee, and at music camps that focus on traditional music. From everything I’ve seen, few experiences in life can bring as much joy to a human being as singing does. No matter what your age or lifestyle, music makes an unbeatable companion.

I’ve always been a Jack-of-all-trades, so if you poke around on this website, you’ll find information and samples of what I do for a living. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Susie Q