Video Post-Production

Having a video of your work on your website is generally a great idea. Video is one of the most effective selling tools of all time.

I do not claim to be any expert in this area, but you may need help in preparing a video for the internet. You might need:

  1. titles and credits added to video you have
  2. a short movie made of “clips” from longer videos
  3. translation into an appropriate file format
  4. your video installed on YouTube or other video service

If you have video footage that needs to be edited, I charge $30 an hour for that service. Note that it can take from several hours to several days to complete this type of work, but you may feel it’s a necessity for you.

I can hook you up with a seasoned professional digital videographer who I know will do an excellent job for you at a reasonable price if you need fresh footage to work with.

Here’s a link to several samples of my work…

 Vintage Gibson Series with Tim May and David Harvey, Country Music Hall of Fame performance.