With tough times at hand, every nickel counts

Many victims of the recent recession were leaders in their companies and industries, folks who were both team players and good at their jobs. Instead of waiting around for the auto plant down the road to reopen, these wise individuals are forming small businesses, turning their dreams into the most meaningful work of their lives. Coleman Creative aligns with them to assist with affordable yet effective design and web services.

Thanks to the ongoing development of the World Wide Web, a small business can be started on a shoestring these days. The internet provides a resource that enables even the smallest company to compete with the biggest dog in the marketplace. In this day and age, businesses simply must have an internet presence to display their products or services to the world. It’s as important as having a telephone. Many, many times it’s a first impression and if you’re a small business owner, you know how critically important that is. So do we. And consider this… NOT having a website makes a first impression, for sure.

Let us help.

Coleman Creative is a small web design and hosting company that would like to stay small. We’re just two happy computer geeks — Susie Coleman and Kirk Pickering — who still believe in handshakes and the honest dollar. We don’t have a boardroom to wow you and no salesman will call. We probably won’t spend much time on fancy proposals or trying to talk you into wild ideas beyond your budget, because these are two of the culprits behind those steep prices other designers charge that have little or nothing to do with creating an interesting and purposeful website.

We all want a cool, modern online presence. And honestly, some industries are more visual than others. If you really have to have glitz and glam, Flash and Vector graphics, then by all means, grease up your wallet and call the other guys. What WE will do is work with you personally to build you the best website your budget will allow. And we’re pretty good at that.

We believe that when you cut to the chase, you’re here because…

  • You’re looking for a clean design that will make use of the latest technology
  • You wish to present a positive, professional image
  • You want the site to make your visitors feel good about what you have to offer
  • You want your information kept safe from scoundrels
  • You’d like to work with intelligent folks who would continually look out for your well being

We believe it doesn’t have to cost a mint to have these things.

Only a professional image can help you reach your business potential online. As you grow, you’ll need to be able to count on personal and reliable web support to take care of that segment of your work when changes come up. In addition to designing a great looking custom site for your business, our goal is to help you manage your ongoing online presence. We can also train you to manage your website content yourself if you have the time or we can arrange to take care of future updates for you.

Kirk and I hope you’ll give us a shout if you need a hand with your website.